Mellors Catering Services have now gained the Food For Life Silver Award for Dinnington High School.


To celebrate Kevan (catering manager) and the teams' hard work and success, we hosted a celebration hour at the school, where a representative from the Soil Association came to present the award.


The Food For Life programme is all about transforming food culture – making healthy, tasty and nutritious meals the norm for all to enjoy, reconnecting people with where food comes from, learning how it’s grown and cooked and understanding the importance of well-sourced ingredients.


Our Food For Life menu at Dinnington High School is made up of 5% Organic produce and all meat is Red Tractor Farm Assured. We have also committed to a FFL education programme, where Mellors Catering Services delivers food education sessions to the pupils, staff and wider community at Dinnington High School.


Kevan has been fully engaged in the project working very closely with our suppliers to source the best produce we can for the pupils and staff. He has been a real champion over the last year in getting the school where we needed to be. Well done to him, his team and to our very own Danielle Bretherton for driving the project forward from a nutrition and food supply perspective.


Pictured are Kevan & team from Dinnington High School, Caron Longden of FFL, Rebecca Staples (Principal), Greg Raynor (Associate Principal), Danielle Bretherton (Head of Food & Nutrition- Mellors), Tony Trainor (Chief Operating Officer - Mellors), Mark Timmerman (Managing Director - Mellors) and Andrew Walker (Area Manager - Mellors)