The last week or so has been a difficult time for both Mellors staff and the nearly 300 schools and businesses that we cater for. The Mellors team has been working hard over the past few days to understand the requirements our clients have. Our priority is to ensure that those children who still need to attend school and the workers who are looking after them still get the nutritious meals they are used to being served. 

This activity means that every Mellors catered school that has expressed a need for a continued catering service is, this week, being provided with one. We hope to continue this as long as it is both required and possible to do so. 

At this stage, we’d like to thank our clients and suppliers for their continued support in this difficult and changing situation. Their help has allowed us to ensure that, from Monday 23rd March, everyone still present on school premises is able to access a nutritious meal each day. We’re also able to ensure that our allergen procedures are maintained, with help from the school teams to ensure children who are attending a different school to normal are also protected.   

While we work through the implications of the current Government measures and support every person still at school, our Operations team are on hand to provide their unit staff with every element of support that it required.