Hi, I’m Sarah – Graphic Designer for Mellors Catering Service.

This June, we’re asking you to plunge in at the deep end and pledge your support for World Oceans Day on Wednesday 8th June. Our participating Secondary schools & B&I Units are making their own pledges to reduce their impact on the environment. With Special Menus running and information being shared on social media, it's a great opportunity to get customers, clients and Mellors staff alike to think about their individual impact on their environment.

My pledge

For my Pledge Plunge, I’ve chosen to pick up more litter (even if it’s not mine!). It’s a great way to get out in the fresh air (especially on lunchtimes), and as we look to brighter skies (wishful thinking!) I hope to go on more walks to give my body and mind that vital refresh it needs to keep going for the rest of the working day. How does this help the ocean thought?

Did you know? 80% of all ocean waste comes directly from land. Litter that is dropped is often blown or washed into our streams and rivers, which in turn run into our oceans. It’s a win win really – by picking up rubbish, I've been making my surround area look good in the short term and protecting our oceans in the long term.


In fact, it’s so easy – why don’t you try it too?

Here are a few simple steps you can take to start a Litter picking too!

1. Order some litter pickers.

Litter pickers are widely available. Do check with your local council, as some provide pickers and bags Free of Charge (Local Authorities may vary). They also have some handy hints about how to pick your litter safely.

2. Have a plan of what you are picking

Check what recycling facilities are available at your school/work/home. e.g. we have General waste, as well as the ability to recycle clean plastics, paper, cardboard and tin.

If you can recycle more than one thing, it’s a good idea to take a few bags so you can separate the different rubbish you collect.

For groups: If there are a few of you – allocate 1 person per material, e.g. Plastics, Paper, General waste. This means that it will be a lot easier to sort through your items once you have finished picking

If it’s just you: Don’t worry – you can sort out your picked litter when you get back, and recycle what you can.

3. Get picking!

Now it’s time to get out in the fresh air, get walking, and get picking. Always keep in mind yours and others’ safety, and never pick up something that doesn’t look safe.

4. Sort your Trash!

 If you can, sorting your items into separate material piles will help you see what needs recycling. Be careful when sorting to avoid dangerous items.

Plastics – these can fill with rainwater, so make sure they are empty before recycling.

Glass – be careful, and only collect whole items

If you have special bags from your council, these may be General Waste only. Again, if you can, recycle materials into relevant bags before disposal – this helps stop unnecessary waste from going into the landfill!

5. Tell us how it went!

Tell us how you did with your litter picking – why not send a picture to sarahp@mellors.co.uk (and let us know if you’re OK to be featured on our Social Media) Was it 1 bag, 2 bags, or maybe more?! We’d love to share how you did!

Be a ledge, and pledge!

So, are you ready to make your own pledge for World Oceans Day? Be a ledge, and pledge - Whether that's to cut your single-use plastics, taste our plant-based items, or try your hand at litter-picking, the sky (or ocean) is the limit with what you can achieve. Put your best pledge forward, because participating Secondary entrants could can win a prize.