Mellors Catering Services was voted Best Company of the Year for Sustainability (England and Wales) by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountancy in 2007.

Rather than a green wash let us give you some facts:

Mellors Catering Services is accredited by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), for meeting the MSC standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries. This means we only use fresh and frozen fish products certified by the MSC throughout our sites.


Initiatives such as flow wrap replacing acetate, card sandwich boxes instead of plastic, crockery vending instead of plastic cups are used throughout our sites where possible.  We also use segregated waste bins in seating areas.   

We run several poster campaigns in our sites to encourage customers to either buy a travel mug or bring their own travel mug in and get a discount on their hot drink.


Refillable coffee cup offer.jpg


We will continue to assess our disposable and packaging range with the aim of keeping this to a minimum.   


Coffee, tea, orange juice, cereals, confectionery all available via fair trade sources and can be costed into your menus.


Local suppliers

We pride ourselves on using locally supplied ingredients, which means fresher produce for our consumers as well as less contribution to CO2 through less driving and also supporting local businesses. We also promote this across all sites as part of our marketing by producing a local supplier’s map highlighting where all the local ingredients are sourced from.

All our bottled water used at Mellors Catering Services is sourced from a local Lancashire farm spring and we donate 5p per bottle sold to a charity of the client's choice.

Car sharing

As a company, we encourage car-sharing wherever possible to reduce CO2 emissions. We welcome recommendations from all parties to improve our performance. Company cars are diesel, and we encourage car-sharing wherever possible to reduce CO2 emissions.   


All frying oil is collected as part of our service from the kitchen by our certificated collection service, the oil recycled for fuel or animal feed.

So far in 2017 we have  recycled 13,942 litres of old cooking oil  - the equivalent of taking  119.5 family cars off the road in carbon savings.

In total we have recycled over 25,000 litres of used cooking oil - the equivalent of taking  238 medium family cars off the road in carbon reductions.  Impressive hey!  It all helps!

Piled cars.JPG

We also station waste segregation bins, Beca vending cup return bins, and even wormeries for food waste where there are opportunities and relevant waste. Mellors Catering Services staff send green waste for composting on college grounds. At sites near or in urban areas, plastic bottles are marked so that residents can monitor litter dropped on their premises from our customers. To reduce litter on our education sites we name label take out bags, so litter can be traced back to the litterer.


Mellors Catering Services has very recently invested in a Bio Mass boiler to produce renewable energy to heat its head office, Lancashire Manor at a big cost to the business. In the long-term this source of energy will reduce business costs but most importantly reduces the amount of emissions released into the atmosphere.


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