At Mellors we like to share best practice and ideas across each team whenever possible. We find that this makes each team more knowledgeable about the business as a whole, encourages some really innovative thinking and helps everyone to feel part of the wider Mellors plans.

Our Department Champions are groups of people from across our busy Education and B&I units, along with other operational team members, who are an integral part of our Food Development, Marketing and Procurement teams. These champions, chosen because they have particular interests in the departments or have shown their enthusiasm for Mellors in the work they do, assist the teams with various projects throughout the year.

Our champions are an extremely valuable resource for the Food Development, Marketing and Procurement teams and they love getting involved!

Our Food Development Team Champions are:

  • Jackie Applegate - Jackie loves reading non-fiction and loves podcasts about reality stars, comedy and true crime. She has 4 children and 10 grandchildren so her weekends are very busy!
  • Kev Bell
  • Graham Connolly
  • Howard Goalby
  • Craig Jeanes
  • Jackie Ronfell - Jackie is James Martin's no.1 fan! Her partner Karl makes amazing cheese toasties out of their horse box cafe called HOOF. She's the queen of raspberry buns and flapjack and has a dog called Handsome Harry.
  • Lorraine Wickstead

Our Marketing Team Champions are:

  • Howard Goalby
  • Shrene Jones - Shrene has a very sassy rabbit! She loves to travel, especially weekends away in her VW campervan. She's always looking for great food ideas to try too.
  • Louise Lightfoot - Louise has 2 horses that she has owned for 10 and 11 years. They're called Troy and Jack.
  • Louisa Neesham - Louisa loved rock climbing and abseiling. She's ridden in hot air balloons while skydivers jumped out of them and she has 2 grown-up sons.
  • Dan O’Callaghan

 Our Procurement Team Champions are:

  • Thomas Armstrong - Tom has completed both Three Peaks challenges, climbing 6 of the most challenging mountains in the UK!
  • Amanda Brammer
  • Lorraine East - Lorraine loves dinner parties. She has 2 children, 3 grandchildren and 2 cats called Jaffa and Dotty.
  • Donna Hinchcliffe - Donna has worked in hospitality since leaving school. She is a mum of 3 who loved spending time with the family, camping, walking and generally having fun. She loves chocolate, a curry and a nice gin. She hates cheese sauce!
  • Shrene Jones - Remember her sassy rabbit?!
  • Karen Perkins - Karen is the mum of 3 girls and also has 2 dogs and a cat called Bumble, Roxy and Alice. She lives by the motto - "Don't wait, life goes faster than you think, love the life you live!"
  • Rosemary Millington
  • Jude South - Jude has done a bungy jump and a skydive. She loves New Zealand and is currently making her way through all 214 of the famous Wainwright walks.