The nights are long, and a chill is in the air. The poet Sylvia Plath referred to this time of the year as “The odd uneven time”. It seems like even more of an odd time at the minute but with children still able to go to school, one thing is a constant…that’s a delicious school meal!

Mellors Managing Director, Mark Timmerman believes that a great way to ensure this time of year isn’t too odd, or uneven for that matter, is to make sure you have a good breakfast and a hot meal for lunch.

Over half the school pupils in England arrive at school without having a good breakfast. With the need for some central heating in your body, what can be better than a delicious hot, sit down school lunch with friends? This routine creates good food and socialising habits that children will take through to adulthood.

November 9th to 13th is National School Meals Week, so we’ve been celebrating the part Mellors plays in delivering hot, delicious and healthy school meals to pupils across the north of England. Whether it’s introducing more meat free options as part of our involvement with Meat Free Monday, sharing our favourite school meals, finding out facts about the great British roast dinner or celebrating some of our school meal heroes, Mellors loves everything about school meals!

Mark, who founded of Mellors Catering Services more than 25 years ago says,

“It’s a pleasure being part of the advancement of healthy warm school dinners in the north of England. So come on pupils, students, parents, guardians, teachers and Mellors catering staff, less “odd and uneven” and more warm meals and smiles this Autumn!”

So long live the fantastic school meal!