Mellors Catering recently took centre stage at two prestigious events for Kaplan International Language College, showcasing their culinary expertise and international flair. As the college's trusted catering partner, Mellors went above and beyond to create menus that captured the diverse spirit of Kaplan's student body and staff.

Official Opening: A Global Tapas Adventure

The festivities kicked off with the official opening of Kaplan International College. Guests were treated to a cornucopia of canapés, each one a delicious passport stamp to a different corner of the world. From the delicate artistry of Katsu Sushi Rolls to the hearty indulgence of Cheeseburger Sliders with Chef Dan's secret sauce, every bite was a celebration of cultural fusion. And who could resist a playful twist on a British classic like Harissa Fish and Chips? By the time the ribbon was cut, Mellors had successfully transported everyone on a whirlwind culinary journey.


Kaplan Award Ceremony: Buffet Delights with a Difference

The Kaplan Award Ceremony brought together delegates from across the country and beyond to celebrate the college's achievements. Mellors marked the occasion with welcome drinks and a buffet selection that was anything but ordinary. The New Yorker sandwich, (an American classic you won’t…forget about it!) and Bahn Mi (a Vietnamese staple, crunchy & fiery) were just a taste of the diverse offerings.


But the real showstoppers were the three additional tables unveiled AFTER the main speeches. 

The Grazing Table, overflowing with falafel, crudités, baba ganoush, and labneh, was a pick and mix paradise. The Nacho Table, a fiesta of tortilla chips, chilli con carne, and all the fixings, provided a fun, hands on experience. And who could resist the Dessert Table, a decadent display of  Victoria Sandwiches, Spiced Carrot Cake, and Basque Cheesecake (to name a few). With so much choice and flavour on display, the only question left was: "Did you save room?"





Mellors even catered to guests with allergies and intolerances with a dedicated "Alt Corner" on each buffet table, ensuring everyone could enjoy the culinary celebration. By the end of the evening, the Mellors team were met with smiles and satisfied sighs – a testament to their ability to tantalize taste buds and create lasting memories.

But don't take our word for it....

“TOO delicious! So delicious im going to have to walk to Lime Street (train station) to walk some of it off – it was fantastic, really enjoyed it, thank you.” - Jenny Pelling, Kaplan Financial Director of Apprenticeship.

“I’ve been sampling some of the vegan nachos spread which is absolutely amazing. And I honestly think, I’m seriously considering turning vegan. I didn’t think vegan food could taste anywhere near this good. Every mouthful is really tasty. Flavours are perfectly blended. You’ll find me here (at the Alt. Nacho table) for a little while” - Caroline Woolff, Director of Recruitment and CSR, Kaplan.

"This has been a fantastic spread. As good as anything I’ve seen in our other Locations (London etc). I’m coeliac too and it was a nice graze for a gluten free guy. You’ve been great!” - Ian Horne, IT Security & Operations Director at Kaplan International.

"The food was absolutely wonderful - a wide selection. I had some of the nachos, i had some cake, and some chicken, not in that order. Absolutely delicious! Going back for seconds now!" - Adam Williams, Kaplan Project Manager.


The Mellors team at Kaplan International Language College proved that food is more than just sustenance – it's a vibrant journey across cultures, a conversation starter, and a way to bring people together. 

The world is your plate – explore it, one delicious bite at a time!